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This section provides a repository for the resources and information relevant to FFO. The objective is to make it easy to find the most up-to-date information, while provide access to off-site archives.

The lower menu bar links to the following pages:

Club Information - contact information and information on the Current Board, the FFO Non-Board Club Support, and the Coordinators of Social Activities.

Publications - the most recent versions of CapCon, the minutes of the general meetings and annual general meeting, and the annual report.

Tool Box - all the information, forms, guides etc. required for outbound and inbound journeys (not accessible on mobile devices).

Policies & Records - general administration documents such as policies, records of board decisions, etc. (not accessible on mobile devices).

Photo Gallery - galleries of photos from recent exchanges. Hover over a picture to show the title, and click on the picture to view the photos full size. The page is also accessible from the Journeys page.

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