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Club Information

Contacting Club Members:  In order to maintain security for club members, we do not post personal email addresses on the site, instead we use generic email addresses e.g.


To reach others in the club such as Journey Coordinators, Board Directors, those holding club supplies, and the like, members should use the contact information from the Membership Lists sent out periodically to all members via e-mail attachment.

Contacting the Web Manger:  To add material to the website in an orderly fashion, contributions are to be directed through the President. Material sent directly to the Web Manager will not be accepted.


Journey Coordinators and Treasurers can find a wealth of helpful information in the Journey Tool Box.


Current Board 2021/2022

President                                                   Anna Van Adrichem-Rochon

VP Membership                                        Joanne Curran                     

VP Journeys                                              Joan Gregoire                      

Secretary                                                   Ian Wilson                           

Treasurer                                                   Colin Leech                        

Director at Large                                       Vivien Runnels

Director at Large                                       Shirley McKey


FFO Non-Board Club Support

Past President                                            Lynda Heffernen,  ex officio

Web Manager                                            Richard Hatherill                

Media and AV Equipment                         Colin Leech

Archives                                                    Alain Dawson

Assets                                                        Open position

Editor, Capital Connections                      Joanne Curran


Coordinators of Social Activities

Art Appreciation                                        Janet Wilkinson

Bridge Club                                               John Cooke

Dinner Club                                               Jessica Sullivan 

The Friendly Wanderers                            Open position

Solo Group                                                Shayla Mindell

Hiking                                                       Julie Breeze

FFO Singers                                              John DuVernet

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