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Social Activities

Art Appreciation

Art lovers, join us whenever you can for guided tours provided by the highly professional staff of the National Gallery. The tour program of 5 or 6 one-hour tours per year is offered by the gallery’s regular outreach. Subjects range from special exhibits to gallery collections or highlights. Once you’re on the distribution list, we’ll keep you informed of dates and you join by simply responding to the email. We always schedule these tours on Thursday evenings (at 6:30pm) since gallery admittance is free then, and the gallery does charge a small per person tour fee..


Bridge Club

The Bridge Club usually include about 20 pairs of FFO members who enjoy playing the game of bridge in each other’s homes. Members of all different levels of expertise arrange games at their convenience. At year-end, the bridge players enjoy getting together to have dinner while enjoying the fellowship and the stories of their bridge games in the past year.

Dinner Club

The Dinner Club helps FFO members to get to know one another better. Groups of 8 are formed each September and meet four times during the year to enjoy a meal at homes with the host supplying the main course and the others providing appetizers, salad, and desert. Currently there are more than 75 members involved.

FFO Singers

The FFO Singers are a small group that enjoys singing together for the pleasure of our visitors and club events when asked. Anyone may join in for a few practices leading up to a gig. We are always open to others who love to sing.

Solo Group

The Solo Group is an informal group of single FFO members who like to have fun. Any single member who would like company for an activity in Ottawa or a trip shares the information with the Solo Group. Those in the group who have an interest in the activity or trip you’re suggesting will reply directly to you and then the rest is up to you. For example, on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, a Solo Group had Dim Sum brunch at the Oriental Chu Shing Restaurant.

Friendly Wanderers

Several times in the year, FFO organizes presentations of the more exotic journeys taken by our members. Through personal photos and experiences of the narrator, you will experience the journey yourself without ever leaving your seat!

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