Keeping-in-Touch Virtually

Friendship Force Ottawa During the COVID-19 Epidemic

Friendship Force International (FFI) as had to suspend all journeys during the current epidemic, and Friendship Force Ottawa (FFO) has cancelled all face-to-face activities. Nevertheless, we wish to maintain the ties of friendship that are the core of Friendship Force, and to do this a number of 'virtual' Keeping-in-Touch activities are taking place, both at the FFI and FFO level.

FFI Activities

FFI is hosting a number of Virtual Experiences, check at

FFO Activities

24 Nov 2020 1:00 pm – Mongolia Journey Report

Hosts: Mary Jane Kelleher and Colin Leech

FFO members that travelled to Mongolia in July 2019 will share memories of their journey to this remote landlocked nation where nomads continue to live as herders.

Meeting link:

Meeting ID: 843 0729 3288

Passcode: 146248

There are YouTube videos of two lengths to watch for a flavour of the journey: 5 minutes 54 minutes (skip the commercials as soon as you can)

First and Third Mondays each month 7:00 – 8:00 pm – Monday Night Drop-Ins

Hosts: Mary Jane Kelleher and Colin Leech

FFO members check-in with other members during this informal hour of chit-chat.  You are welcome to come early, or come late and tell us what's on your mind. 

Meeting link:

Meeting ID: 816 8450 5661
Passcode: 609910

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