Ambassador/Host Coordinators and Treasurers' Tool Box
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Ambassador Coordinators (AC), Host Coordinators (HC) and Journey Treasurers (JT) play a significant role in journeys, and much help is available to assist them in their task.  AC, HC and JT training sessions are organized yearly, and help is also provided from seasoned  veterans, as well as key members of the Club Executive, notably the VP Journeys and the Club Treasurer.



1 FFO Resources for Ambassador Coordinators (Outbound Journeys)  

Guidelines for AC's: Outbound Journey's - Feb 2018

Ambassador Code of Conduct and Expectations

Journey Coordinator Training Q and A, 2015

AC Report Outbound Template

AC Oral Reporting Guidelines Outbound

Being a Good Ambassador (power point presentation)

Screening  Guidelines for Non-FFO Applicants

Gift List for Hosts

Outbound Ambassadors Selection Guidelines

Oversubscribed Journey Acceptance Form (MS Word Format)

Ambassador Capacity Checklist for Outbound Journeys

ACs Health and Mobility Process for Outbound Journeys

Journey Evaluation Form

2. FFO Resources for Host Coordinators (Inbound Journeys)

Guidelines for HCs: Inbound Journeys - Feb 2018

Journey Coordinator Training Q and A, 2015

Inbound Host Coordinator Dos and Dont's

     -FFO Inbound Hosting Working Group Report - 2018

HC Inbound Report Template

Gift List for Hosts

Being a Good Host (power point presentation)

HC Oral Reporting Guidelines Inbound

Host Coordinators Health and Mobility Process for Inbound Journeys

Sample Letters of Invitation for Visa Applications to Canada


3. FFO Program Activities Inbound Journeys and Ottawa Venues/Caterers for Events

Master List of FFO Program Activities for Inbound Journeys

Program Activities Templates

Master List of Ottawa Venues/Caterers for FFO Events

Venues/Caterers Templates


4. FFO Guide for Journey Treasurers

Guidelines for Journey Treasurers: Inbound and Outbound Journeys - October 2019

Template for Journey Treasurers - version 5, June, 2019: [Microsoft XL] [LibreOffice] [OpenOffice]

Inbound Example Scenario

Inbound Journey Template Example - June, 2019: [Microsoft XL] [LibreOffice] [OpenOffice]

Inbound Journey Treasurer Presentation - January, 2019

Outbound Example Scenario

Outbound Journey Template Example - June, 2019: [Microsoft XL] [LibreOffice] [OpenOffice]

Outbound Journey Treasurer Presentation - January, 2019


5. FFO Journey Booklets & Journals - Samples

Booklet Sample: Inbound Journey (MS Word Format)

Booklet Sample: Outbound Journey (MS Word Format)

Booklet Sample: Winter Journey (MS Word Format)

Booklet Sample: Inbound Journey: Brazil (MS Word Format)

Journal from Memphis Hartwell Journey, 2015


6. FFO Forms

Letterhead (MS Word Format)

Request for Certificate of Liability Insurance


7. FFI Forms and Reference Materials

Host Sample Calendar 

Ambassador Sample Calendar

Journey Guidelines for Ambassador and Host Coordinatore - Feb 2018

Ambassador and Host Matching Form - Dec 2016

Emergency Contact Information Form.doc 

Incident Report Form - Dec 2016

Journey Evaluation Form - Feb 2018

Health and Mobility Checklist - Jun 2017

2017-18 Policies and Guidelines for Clubs and Programs