The Journey Experience
As of 2017 Friendship Force 'Exchanges' are known as 'Journeys'. Members leading 'Inbound Journeys' (Clubs visiting Ottawa) are now Host Coordinators (HC) and those leading Outbound Journeys (FF Ottawa visiting clubs) are Ambassador Coordinators (AC). Treasurers for Journeys are called Host Treasurers (HT) or Ambassador Treasurers (AT).
Note: All pre-2017 website archived information will not change

Journeys are the core activity of Friendship Force, and an extensive guide to current journeys, joining them and participating in them is presented here for the information of both current and new members.

As journeys are an on-going activity, this page should be consulted on a regular basis.

The following BUTTONS provide information for members, current and new, on the current roster of journeys, as well as information on signing up for journeys and activities around them.

Friendship Force Ottawa to Friendship Force Moscow:
 Here on Red Square
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A group of Australian and two American clubs sought a winter experience in Canada. This Inbound Exchange in February, 2011, was a collaboration between FFOttawa and our sister French Language Club, Force de l’Amité. Here Hosts and Ambassadors join in a Sleigh Ride at Fulton’s Maple Farm.

As FFO is a large club, there are usually four Outbound and four Inbound journeys each year, but it is possible to join under-subscribed journeys from other clubs or journeys organized by Friendship Force International.  These widen the travel experience a great deal.   A guide to journeys organized through Friendship Force International can be found at


The Canadian Friendship Force Clubs have a Journey Website to help fill under-subscribed journeys.  The Web address is:


The BUTTONS also provide information about current policies on journeys, as well as a TOOLBOX for the Journey Coordinators of both Outbound and Inbound journeys.
Current Roster of Journeys
How do Journeys Work?
Participation and Journeys 
Journey Ambassador/Host Coordinators and Treasurers' Tool Box
Travel Vignettes
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